Atelier artistic craft in which she cherishes the traditional craft skills of marquetry.

With the intention to refine the aesthetics of modern living through the production of furniture and interior marquetry technique.

Marquetry as a decorative art

Monday, November 30, 2009

marquetry ornamentarium

from the history of decorating furniture ..

scheme retaked from original Netherland's ornaments of 
cupboard from XVIII century and decreased for a one third 

detail 1

detail 2

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

process and phases of one motif in the technique of marquetry

Whoever is dealing with wood, and no matter which technique, very well knows that it is not easy work .. Although it offers endless pleasure. 
And each of the trades has phases, its long PROCESS, where they spent endless hours patiently hidden and trade secrets .. 
But, other than patience, something a little gift, here and there some special secret .. In our own courses reveal secrets.
In this video presentation at least in the attempt DISPLAYED PHASE ONE MARQUETRY DESIGN PROCESS, one of the techniques that are otherwise, it works.
I welcome all known and unknown friends from this site, which will have the patience to watch it .. and he is slightly longer, because the long lasting development of motifs.

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