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Marquetry as a decorative art

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The challenge of miniatures

1. Eros in the fingers..

Interpret a single image was possible in general - but, from its very small segments to make a meaningful whole was a challenge.
Simply, sensuality and magic of photography of Italian photographer Gabriele Rigon were too strong and beautiful inspiration.
This created a miniature (10 x 7,5 cm) of the technique of marquetry, no bigger than the palm.

Video presentation very concisely expresses the process of making motifs.

2. Suburbium Petrovaradiniense

Another challenge to work Marquetry motif extremely miniature (10×7,5 cm) was in this city – the city of my childhood.
Novi Sad, leaned over the river Danube, at the Petrovaradin.

Video presentation .. city on the palm of your hand.

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